Thinking like a UX Designer

When asked what UX Designers do…. basically, we research, plan and design digital products that users can easily interact with. User experience designers create the applications you use on a daily basis – and try  to make it easier for you to use them. UX designers can help you improve revenue, customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in a business.

User-centered design considers the needs and desires of the user at each phase. We go back to certain phases over and over again, iterating our designs and creating the best possible product based on the needs of your intended users. Empathy for the user is at the core of the user-centered design process. Creating a product that makes users feel good is about more than how it works, it’s about how the person feels when interacting with it.

• Research: What do customers want? Can they figure out how to use our product?

• Product design: What are we building? What are we not building? What’s in this release?

• Copywriting: How do we describe our product to customers in a way they understand?

• Interaction design: How does the product behave? How is it organized?

• Visual design: How does the product look and feel?

• UI development:How do we build quality interfaces quickly and flexibly?