Kurland is a freelance copywriter who masters marketing and is able to create quality copy writing that reflects a brand. Kurland has written fantastic copies that helped companies and agencies increase conversions, raise traffic and reposition their brand.


Client: Kurland
Website: kurland.dk
Date: 2016
Services: Web Design, UX

How could we create a website that shows a copywriter’s business background in a simple setting?

Having previously worked with Sofie Kurland on other projects, she came to me when she was in need of someone to redesign her new website. I used UI-frameworks focused on patterns and interaction behaviours, but customized the design so each stood strongly on its own. Since Kurland focus on copywriting and strategy, my main goal was to showcase her own words in a different way.

UI components

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

Keyboard shortcuts

Focusing on design goals and principles, together we dicussed guidelines, components and patterns, contextual examples and the writing style.

How do we arrange components on the screen?
What problems does this components address?
Why should we used this component?