Le Raït is a small village about 100 km east of Bordeaux city. This is where Vinbonden's family winery is located. Vinbonden is the only Danish/French wineshop with own import, manufacturing and winedealing.


Client: Vinbonden
Date: 2020

Creating a Shopify webshop for natural wine produced in France and sold in Denmark.

Google Shopping
Google Ads
Instagram Shopping
Offline Activations

My initial research focused on UX best practices. In order to determine what research methods worked best for this kind of webshop, I experimented with heat maps, surveys, user interviews, and A/B testing.

Personas & journey maps

As part of another project rooted in UX, I examined the customer service support experience using customer journey mapping and support personas. By creating a journey map, we can better understand customer experiences across different support channels. Through this, we can identify the areas of the customer experience that could be improved, or where shortcomings are present.

User personas for customer support remind us that we are not the customer and that each customer is unique. Knowing your customer’s personas is crucial to helping them, and letting your employees remember who they are is a great way to help them.

During the first phase of this project, we were able to:

  • Develop a set of merchant personas (5 in total) for which to develop journey maps. Although Shopify already had personas, they were not geared towards the support experience.
  • Map out the merchant touchpoints for support.
  • Try to determine areas for improving the experience of service, including which customer personas you might be underserving.